Social restriction due to the pandemic is already challenging for many, and can be even more isolating if a loved one tests positive for COVID.

How can you support someone who has tested positive for COVID?

1.        Make a call. One of the easiest first steps to help someone connect is to reach out and call them to see how they’re doing. While sending a text may seen thoughtful, it can also come across as more impersonal. Making a phone call can mean so much to someone who is struggling in isolation.

2.        Schedule a surprise. If you can’t physically be with someone, there are other ways to try and support them. Try sending a care package with snacks, entertainment, or self-care items. Quarantine can be lonely, so helping someone make their environment more enjoyable can be helpful.

3.        Do a joint activity. There are several apps where you can play a game or watch a movie together that closely emulates spending time together in person. Doing a shared activity keeps people connected and engaged at a time they may be needing it the most.

4.        Drop off meals or groceries. If a person is sick, they may not have time or energy to stock up on necessities. Consider preparing a home cooked meal, bag of groceries or toiletries and schedule a contact-less drop-off for safety.

5.        Try snail mail. Sometimes receiving a tangible product in the mail can bring joy to someone’s day. A letter or a card is something a friend or loved one can read over and over when they need extra support and are feeling isolated.

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