There is no “right” time to tell someone you care about that you live with anxiety. It will likely happen when the time feels right, and when there is a level of trust between you that allows for an open conversation.

When you do decide to talk to your partner about your anxiety, be sure to take the time the discussion deserves. This is not a conversation that should take place in a time crunch, over text, during an argument or in a crisis. Having a truthful, calm, and distraction free conversation sets you and your partner up for success.

It is also not necessary to have just one conversation. Sometimes these discussions evolve over time, and there shouldn’t be any pressure to complete it in one sitting.

The conversation should include how you experience symptoms of anxiety. Be specific as people who do not struggle with anxiety may have a hard time understanding how anxiety affects you. Vague language can often lead to confusion and miscommunication. It is also important to let your partner know how best to support you in times of need, and what may cause your anxiety to worsen.

If you are feeling stuck, practice disclosure with your mental health provider or someone else you trust so you can feel confident when you talk about anxiety with your partner.

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