“Sunday scaries” or “Sunday blues” is the anxiety that starts to settle in on a Sunday due to impending responsibilities on Monday like returning to work or school.

This feeling can be due to an anticipated hectic work week, big presentation, a busy calendar, family activities, school events, etc. On Friday we’re excited because the weekend is arriving. Saturday is great because there is a full day off to enjoy. And although Sunday is a day off, sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. We often spend a large part of Sunday getting ready for Monday which can take some of the fun out of it. Sunday is the prequel to kicking of our week, and for many people there is a degree of anticipatory anxiety that comes along with that.

Here are some tips:

-Think of Monday through Friday as your work week and stick to that. That will allow you to enjoy as much of your weekend as possible. Try your best not to work on weekends.

-If you know things are coming up on Monday, like a big presentation, or meeting. Get ready for that early. Prepping your presentation, setting out your work outfit, and packing your laptop on a Thursday or Friday lifts the burden of having to use part of your weekend to do things related to work.

-Try to keep your mind off of work on your days off. Whatever you’re working on will still be there when you get back into the office on Monday.

-If you’re with your family, be with your family. If you’re out enjoying an activity. Enjoy that activity. Being present in the moment helps people to stay connected, enjoy the time they have off of work, reduces stress, and improves overall wellbeing.

-Worrying about things we cannot control is one of the biggest ways we waste emotional energy. When it comes to work or your personal life, try to really think about what is in your control and what isn’t. Then direct your energy toward things that are within your power to manage so you can start letting go of things that aren’t.

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