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The Power of Journaling

There is a strong connection between mindfulness and wellness. Mindfulness is the act of calling the mind to attention in the present moment, focusing on what is happening in the now. This process involves switching from passively engaging with thoughts and actively observing and experiencing them. Journaling is a mindfulness activity with multiple benefits including processing experiences, increasing self-awareness, improving self-confidence, all of which … Read More The Power of Journaling


How to Support Someone Who Tested Positive for COVID

Social restriction due to the pandemic is already challenging for many, and can be even more isolating if a loved one tests positive for COVID. How can you support someone who has tested positive for COVID? 1.        Make a call. One of the easiest first steps to help someone connect is to reach out and call them to see how they’re doing. While sending … Read More How to Support Someone Who Tested Positive for COVID


COVID-19 and Children’s Mental Health

How has COVID-19 affected children? COVID-19 has robbed children and adolescents of predictability, which is an important stabilizing factor in daily life for kids. Uncertainty, social isolation, parental stress, etc. all have an impact on the mental health of our children, especially those with previously diagnosed mental health conditions. There are many new worries that children are now faced with including whether or not … Read More COVID-19 and Children’s Mental Health