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How to Explain Anxiety to Someone Close to You

There is no “right” time to tell someone you care about that you live with anxiety. It will likely happen when the time feels right, and when there is a level of trust between you that allows for an open conversation. When you do decide to talk to your partner about your anxiety, be sure to take the time the discussion deserves. This is … Read More How to Explain Anxiety to Someone Close to You


5 Tips For Handling Difficult Conversations With Children

2020 was an immense challenge for children and their families, and the start of 2021 has also been rocky. Many of us were hopeful about the New Year being a lighter, happier, and less difficult year but there is still much turmoil in this country which is hard to ignore. The struggle facing many parents is how to raise children in this environment, and … Read More 5 Tips For Handling Difficult Conversations With Children


How a Psychotherapist Deals With ‘Failing’ a Patient

It is certainly difficult to come to terms with treating a patient who seemingly may not be benefiting from therapy. It is also quite easy to view that as a failure on the part of the therapist. However, it is important to remember that patients come to the office with years of trauma. And the expectation on behalf of a therapist to lift the … Read More How a Psychotherapist Deals With ‘Failing’ a Patient


The Power of Journaling

There is a strong connection between mindfulness and wellness. Mindfulness is the act of calling the mind to attention in the present moment, focusing on what is happening in the now. This process involves switching from passively engaging with thoughts and actively observing and experiencing them. Journaling is a mindfulness activity with multiple benefits including processing experiences, increasing self-awareness, improving self-confidence, all of which … Read More The Power of Journaling


How to Support Someone Who Tested Positive for COVID

Social restriction due to the pandemic is already challenging for many, and can be even more isolating if a loved one tests positive for COVID. How can you support someone who has tested positive for COVID? 1.        Make a call. One of the easiest first steps to help someone connect is to reach out and call them to see how they’re doing. While sending … Read More How to Support Someone Who Tested Positive for COVID


How to Deal With a Breakup the Empowered Way

Dealing with a breakup is difficult which can result in a resurgence of habits that take a toll on our mental health. Managing a breakup in an empowered way helps us to deal with hurt in a positive and productive way as opposed to taking the pain out on ourselves. Self-care is key. If your best friend called you and told you they broke … Read More How to Deal With a Breakup the Empowered Way


The Opioid Crisis

It is difficult to turn on the television or radio, or pick up a newspaper and not notice some mention of the opioid crisis in the United States. The volume on this hot button issue is also likely to increase the closer we get to the 2020 presidential election. Before we delve into the very important discussion regarding the opiate epidemic, addiction and mental … Read More The Opioid Crisis

Creative Expressions: Art Therapy

If you can remember back to your school age days, try to think about your favorite art projects, drawings, talent shows, etc. Do those experiences bring back fond memories? As adults, sometimes it is difficult to remember back to those days when we have work, bills, family, kids, pets, and many other responsibilities at the forefront of our minds. It is also unfortunate that … Read More Creative Expressions: Art Therapy


Moving Forward After Loss

In my profession I am sometimes asked how one manages to move on after the loss of a loved one.  Early in my training my go to answer was always something along the lines of “time.” However, having given that advice without actually experiencing any devastating personal tragedy, it seemed as though my advice to others somehow lacked validity and meaning because what I … Read More Moving Forward After Loss