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Can There Be Hope Amid Politics?

I consider myself to be an apolitical person. I try to stay informed. I vote. But when it comes to politics, I prefer to listen to what others have to say more than I like to talk about what I think. But after watching the first woman of color accept the nomination for the vice president of the United States of America, it’s hard … Read More Can There Be Hope Amid Politics?


COVID and Children’s Mental Health

COVID has brought to our doorsteps much unexpected change, anxiety and stress. The current atmosphere is challenging for adults, but is also trying for children in different ways. Thinking about how to begin a conversation with a child about the current climate can be daunting. Know that there are strategies and resources available to help. Prepare The first and most necessary step before speaking … Read More COVID and Children’s Mental Health


Moving Forward After Loss

In my profession I am sometimes asked how one manages to move on after the loss of a loved one.  Early in my training my go to answer was always something along the lines of “time.” However, having given that advice without actually experiencing any devastating personal tragedy, it seemed as though my advice to others somehow lacked validity and meaning because what I … Read More Moving Forward After Loss