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How a Psychotherapist Deals With ‘Failing’ a Patient

It is certainly difficult to come to terms with treating a patient who seemingly may not be benefiting from therapy. It is also quite easy to view that as a failure on the part of the therapist. However, it is important to remember that patients come to the office with years of trauma. And the expectation on behalf of a therapist to lift the … Read More How a Psychotherapist Deals With ‘Failing’ a Patient

Creative Expressions: Art Therapy

If you can remember back to your school age days, try to think about your favorite art projects, drawings, talent shows, etc. Do those experiences bring back fond memories? As adults, sometimes it is difficult to remember back to those days when we have work, bills, family, kids, pets, and many other responsibilities at the forefront of our minds. It is also unfortunate that … Read More Creative Expressions: Art Therapy